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To prepare the skin for application of cream, clearing her drug series, pharmaceris then You. apply the cream on face and neck. An interesting offer is the peeling liquid cream from the brand Environ LACM 1 , for which the main component is lactic acid. Beauty is a great help on any course of anti-aging especially for skin with a tendency to the formation of spots. Making dead skin, evens the complexion and helps to remove minor stains. In addition, reduces skin imperfections and diminishes the appearance of dilated pores.

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Needle mesotherapy of the scalp – hereViiu Gold where to buy ? the results are visible almost immediately. Already after the first procedure, the hair is much less fall out, their hair follicles are restored,Viiu Gold where to buy ? and the hair, which significantly increases its volume. In addition,Viiu Gold where to buy ? after performing the injection of mesotherapy, the scalp is moisturized and hair restore its Shine. Procedure should be performed in a series of 3-8 visits. Great effects , we get the inclusion of a series of mesotherapy platelet rich plasma. To appropriately prepare for surgery, for a week to mezoterapią head products with vitamin C. Thanks to this simple operation, RUB, you can close the blood vessels śródbłonki and construction of the anti-inflammatory effect.


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Hydrożelowa face mask based on natural marine collagen with hyaluronic acid, colloidal 24-Karat gold, as well as complex peptydowym. Moisturizes, restores and nourishes the skin, moreover, reduces wrinkles, prevents sagging, tightens. In addition, it relieves swelling of the face, spots and blemishes.

More detail should be considered the Gold niciom. Their price may scare, compared to other offers, but their use is also associated with a large number of benefits for the skin. Basically, gold has antiseptic properties that accelerate the healing process of the skin. In addition, precious metals, encourages cells to regenerate and improves microcirculation. This skin is additionally oxygenated, hydrated and fed. Gold does not cause allergic ReActionS and inflammatory processes. hop over this website , because of these properties, this substance, which is perfect for the production of filaments of wrinkles.

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And,Viiu Gold comments ? of course, for any skin problem. Serum is a cosmetic product,Viiu Gold comments ? a stronger composition and more important , than the cream. Contrary to what skeptics say that if they are well matched to the needs of the skin, can be very effective. Not wrapped up in the Internet if you are using a serum obkurczającego then your skin will be less shiny and look fresh longer when not in use. But if she took the serum that improves skin elasticity, or smoothing, in addition to long lasting effect that promises to reach, you will not once did not regret about it. The skin becomes smooth and looks younger.


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We remedies the patented technology, provides very small particles of pure minerals contained in dermokosmetykach, penetration into the deepest layers of the skin, providing nourishment and regeneration at the cellular level. Technology monojonowa provides the body with active substances in the most bio-available form.

As available products on the market with collagen in order to choose the best? What works better: the drinks, powder or pills? First, put additives in the liquid. “Hydrolyzed collagen is absorbed much easier because sawed into pieces, small enough that the body quickly uses, explains Cathedral Dr Marek Szołtysik from University of food technology and natural Sciences in Wroclaw. – Gastrointestinal tract, then you need less time and less energy for digestion and absorption in the blood.” Collagen in powder and dissolved in liquid, but always lose at the same part of the substance that remains in the sediment on the bottom of the glass. Pills, and is rich in active substances, which support the work of collagen, is characterized by low digestibility.

Gold is a metal that is one of the most soft metals, safe for the skin. During surgery, the use of 24-carat gold, white or yellow (certificate for review in the office), which due to its unusual properties, beautifies and heals, reduces any inflammation, stimulates collagen production, tightens and tones the skin, removes toxins, and above all, wrinkles and scars, improves skin color.

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An absolute hit in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The achievement of concrete results has never been so easy and fun bezinwazyjne properly fitted by our experts, the range of light, comfortable bed beauty and relaxation, quieting the mind and feeling of music. Find time for yourself while protecting the skin, which is the largest organ of the human body and one of the most important.

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Another way to remove wrinkles, botox, the effectiveness of this method of removing wrinkles is related to the possibility paraliżowania certain facial muscles, so the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Injections are often repeated every few months, and is mainly used to remove wrinkles on forehead, between eyebrows and the top layer.

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A unique cream for combination to oily skin: with regular use reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands and closes the pores of the skin,#805 experience# due to the high content of Vit. B3, which also has the effect of anti-inflammatory and healing action. Marine collagen moisturizes the skin,#805 experience# and BTI. C strengthens blood vessels, making the cream suitable for skin with mild acne and acne. Zapychając moisturizes the skin pores and gives a healthy glow known biological research.


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First, not alergizuje. Small fish species are used to ekstracji collagen, less contamination of water bodies, freshwater and are the source of their catch, the more drops to the border promilowej error the percentage of people that cause allergies product made on the basis of an extract obtained in this way. Since 1999, leaves in plastic surgery and cosmetology from collagen of beef. Fish collagen excludes the transfer of prions. Despite the fact that the risk is negligible, psychosis, resulting in the media from outraged customers: bovine collagen. Importantly, in the end to us. This is fragment of the skin of fish, including salmon, carp, surrendered Polish method hiperfiltracji through fibroiny silk had an effect.

Time, unfortunately, is changing in the face. Furrows and wrinkles, the common signs of aging that will eventually appear on the surface of the skin in such cases it helps to remove wrinkles. Of course, can effectively reduce the shading of the drugs.

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Expert: Dr. med. Sciences Yvonne Chlebińska is a graduate of medical University in Bialystok (1996) and graduated with a specialty of internal diseases and Nephrology. Scholarships scholarships to study in Japan in Hamamatsu. He defended his thesis in 2007. Since 2006. participates in aesthetic medicine for several years is a trainer and conducts trainings. Member of the Association of physicians of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. Working in the office LekMed on Furniture, 19 in Bialystok.

In every woman’s life there comes a time when looking in the mirror, notices the first wrinkles around the eyes. They appear in the shape of a chicken pen” in failure cikach eyes and under the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Therefore, insufficient skin care causes wrinkles in the forced mode. Problem with wrinkles under the eyes at the age of 25 years. It should be noted that skin around the eyes is affected by food, restful sleep, and spend time in a dimly lit room or in front of the computer screen. The pace of life is undoubtedly highlights the trail. In addition, fatigue, stress and lack of time for proper care are factors that accelerate the aging process of the skin.

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Personally I am a supporter of creams, biologically active, organic certified. This is not an expensive cream, I really like Poland manufacturing based on plant-based, I love, for example, sea buckthorn. In our yard, growing yarrow, which is also very dependent on the condition of our skin. We can make a mess on a dish, cut yarrow, mix, apply on face for 20 minutes, and will work well, sedative, tonic effect on the skin. Nature is very rich, and we should use it, – says Agnieszka Malcharek.

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In my office patients of different ages,Viiu Gold side effects ? the border in aesthetic medicine does not exist. Came like a teenager patients with problems of oily skin and patients borykający at a timeViiu Gold side effects ? which is not compatible. For those who want to stop time, I offer you a range of carefully selected treatments in the first place, bet on the naturalness, so that everyone felt good in your body. I also very often young people with low self esteem who don’t need any procedures, you will give them the time and explain that it is not yet time for such procedures.

From this and other causes, diet in collagen is very popular. It should be noted that the collagen tablets to absorb through normal digestion. The individual proteins are split into polypeptides and small particles, down to individual amino acids. This does not mean that their limited effectiveness. Collagen breaks down into amino acids, they are still able to stimulate the body. Cells synthesize different proteins from amino acids. The collagen protein is not absorbed through the skin what is really done in the oral form – tablets with collagen collagen contains particles of various types, is the most effective form of add.Viiu Gold forum

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After a chemical peel time karboksyterapię , i.e. rejuvenation using carbon dioxide. The procedure involves the injection of gas under the skin, using devices intended for injection. Injected carbon dioxide is a clean, medical gases, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency of the procedure. Within 7 days from the puncture, the increase in consumption of oxygen to the tissues, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In a series of treatments the skin becomes tight and elastic, and the end result is a long oxygenated and hydrated.

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