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Cancer is the plague of our time. If there’s no reason uchwytna the survey should look at other structures around the prostate. In the same way we do in the clinic HB,Prostect reviews, action, price, where to buy our patients who were excluded all causes of bacterial and anatomical anomalies,Prostect reviews, action, price, where to buy the science of forces of the pelvic floor, we check the ligaments and muscles. It is likely muscles cause pain that men suffer from pain in the perineum. Muscles ache because they are always tense. In our studies the prostate, in most cases, this in itself does not give pain, but the tissue around it.

While in 2010. Zhang called niebakteryjne inflammation of the prostate gland in rats, injecting them subcutaneously with estradiol. Then filed kurkuminę rodents intraperitoneally at a dose corresponding to approx. 2 g or anti-inflammatory effect of the drug celebrex in a dose corresponding to approx. 2.5 G in relation to the people. After a week of such alternative treatment was that the curcumin group compared with the group celebrexu to reduce significantly changed the level of factors of Pro-inflammatory diseases, both in blood and in the tissue of the prostate.

A well-functioning colon is the Foundation of our health. Polluted intestines can cause diseases of the liver, stomach, thyroid gland, kidneys, and sex organs. And, in addition, to be responsible for headaches, drowsiness, irritability, nervousness, lack of energy and depression.

Inflammation of the prostate gland can occur in two ways. Inflammation acute and chronic. Chronic inflammation, usually occur in nieleczenie previous States and infections, both bacterial and niebakteryjnych. Character niebakteryjna usually many different factors, such as stress, muscle tension, etc., which are common, and they cause inflammation ReAction. Bacterial prostatitis a chronic condition, usually niedoleczone painful disease caused by microorganisms, like other diseases, in this substrate.

One capsule of the drug Prostalong contains: pumpkin seed oil — 350 mg fish oil – 100 mg extract from the fruit of palm trees sabalowej 50 mg, Zinc (zinc gluconate 3.75 mg (25% ), lycopene — 2.5 mg (a component of the extract of tomatoes), vitamin B — 2 mg (100%) and soybean oil, silicon dioxide (protivozmeinaya substance), glycerol, gelatin, colouring agent iron oxide red dye and iron oxide black (colourings).

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It is not necessary to give the the disease the prostate. Treatment depends on the individual case and the characteristics of the particular patient. Naturally the greatest danger to health and life, is prostate cancer, but you can protect identify at an early stage can be cured. Why every man over 40 needs at least once a year to do preventive urological consultation. Especially sensitive to the effects of the symptoms associated with the prostate gland should be people who have families and urologic diseases, particularly prostate cancer. It is known that research “in the rectum”, that is, running a finger through the anus, not the most pleasant experience, but remember that the way the doctor is unable to diagnose the disease at early stages. In addition, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because every doctor just normally learn.


Konformalna three-dimensional radiation therapy (3D-CRT), so that – with the development of imaging techniques, determination of cancer markers and methods for performing biopsies, and more specifically, depends on the degree of development of clinical prostate cancer. This allows you to visualize the spatial foci of cancer in sterczu and, as a consequence, the radiation dose can be measured accurately with the preservation of the surrounding tissues.

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In case of absence of response to antibiotic treatment, especially if there are stones prostate, your doctor may recommend surgical removal of part or the entire prostate gland. However, this may not solve the problem. After surgery can worsen a problem with urination. However, in case of severe complaints, you should pay attention to the proposed treatment.

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If you suffer from insomnia, night sweats, fever, you have hot feet, and bright red spots on the face and red tongue are: millet (e.g., cereal jaglaną), seaweed, sprouts, beans. In difficult places it is possible to use also: beans, grapes, blackberries, oysters, sardines, duck, beef, pork, eggs, cow’s milk, yogurt, cheese, beets, raspberries, bananas and watermelons.

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In Muir Puama may also alleviate age-related cognitive problems. Noteworthy experiment showed,Prostect comments that Muira Puama helps to restore memory in adult and old mice. Fire scientists: aging mice treated with the extract of the Muir Puama, got the results so well,Prostect comments as adults”.20 scientists have repeatedly confirmed these findings.21 at least one research group found that Muira Puama acts as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter,Prostect comments, associated with memory and cognitive functions. One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is a gradual decline in acetylcholine levels and the receptors of this neurotransmitter, particularly in the field of hipokampu of the brain. Although currently there is no treatment to cure this disease, modern drugs such as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors,® tablets (donepezil hydrochloride) that block the activity of an enzyme splitting acetylcholine, are struggling with the development of this disease.

Treatment of inflammation of the prostate and treat them with antibiotics. Antibiotic should take so long to completely destroy bacteria, typically within a few weeks. Importantly, even after the disappearance of symptoms to use recommended treatment until the end, otherwise the infection may repent.

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Care to take additional very negative. Complex on the disclosure of the partner’s body. Every woman is his decision? psychologists in red and whole grains; substitutes sweets. Useful during sex is beginning to believe. Knowledge,Prostect comments how to improve prostate and potency drugs skirab poor in need of food. Valves, as well as a wonderful feeling. Region you can try to delete it down. Normal situation,Prostect comments natural contraception for young people issues. Serious back problems maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse, in the very depth of the personality. The role in a constant state of waiting, really. The atmosphere of the type of alcohol that you can. The bladder is the source. But also asked that Smoking cigarettes.

A decoction of onion peel. The tool has a beneficial effect on prostate cancer, and is harmless to the body. Wash the onion skin, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes. 02:00 then the mixture is boiled, filtered. Infusion drink during the month 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Early detection of hypertrophy of the prostate, it is very important. What should attract your attention? Frequent urge to urinate, and at night, and problems with its delivery, i.e. released the stream of urine, feeling of incomplete emptying, or problems with urination, pain and burning, and the recurring desire to urinate, after I did it. Only if these factors are present to a lesser or greater degree, we can say, the diagnosis of prostatic hyperplasia in the degree of illumination.

PS test load to eliminate the cause of ailments and diseases, even is a unpleasant disease of the prostate. If you have more than 30 years, you experience discomfort associated with Prostatitis, and you want to effectively defend them,call on the number to the national hotline and sign up for a test load.

Antibacterial agents: prostatic antimicrobial composition containing zinc and spermine, sp

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