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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

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Scientists from Stanford University have made an exciting discovery that threatens to soon learn how pojmowała medicine still osteoartrozę. Slightly heat half Cup of coconut oil, two tablespoons of Cayenne pepper powder with warm butter. fantastic to read , to use in the areas covered by the pain, leaving on for 20 minutes and then rinse. Repeat several times a day to achieve relief.

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Bone densitometry is currently the most popular method of quantitative estimation of calcium content in the bones. Based on the measurement of the degree of absorption by the body of photons emitted by the x-ray tube. A device for investigation of a densitometer – accurately measures bone density.

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Bone densitometry allows to determine bone mineral density,#870 doctors# comments diagnosis of osteoporosis, even at the initial stage,#870 doctors# comments, because it allows you to make sure it’s kilkuprocentowych changes in bone mass, which, of course, more accurate than conventional x-rays. In addition, x-rays interact in this method, the body is much smaller than conventional x-rays. The study is simple, painless and takes just a few minutes.

Bone densitometry is a type of x-ray examinations, through which you can assess the risk, multiple fractures, and to choose the suitable kind of therapy. The testing principle is very simple. If the bones are strong, slightly-rays, X-rays do not pass, and when they are brittle, porous the sun’s rays do not penetrate more. The number of rays passes through the bone is measured and processed through an electronic detector that allows the doctor to evaluate bone density.


Bone densitometry is a quick and simple survey,#870 dose# which consists in using low-dose x-ray radiation. With its help, the doctor is able to assess the state of mineralization of bone tissue of the patient, and how many grams of calcium and other minerals,#870 dose# in this segment of the bone. The doctor on the basis of densitometry and interviews, which collected information on fractures in the family of the patient, the medication, similar conditions and lifestyle, will be able to assess whether a patient are at increased risk of osteoporosis and to recommend prevention. In case of detection of the disease, implement appropriate treatment.

Densitometry is usually the carpal bones, bones of the hip, forearm and lumbar spine, i.e. those that most often get injured. For the study used x-ray machine, and the results of the study are interpreted on the basis of the number of x-rays that can penetrate through bone. Which bone is more porous, the more X-rays of the sun do not penetrate. The number is analyzed through the electron detector and displayed on numeric data, on which basis the doctor assesses bone density.

Devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is found in the wild in South Africa. Got its name from the characteristic shape of the fruit. Root extract of this plant has been used by Africans to treat pain and fever and also as a means of facilitating digestion. In European medicine, has found its place as a remedy against the United inflamed joints. Swamp meadowsweet (Filipendula active remedy against dark), usually grows in Europe and Asia. In the middle ages were known for their beneficial properties. The extract from flowers, food vyazolistny contains salicylic acid derivatives acting as anti-inflammatory and Antirheumatic. Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea purpurea) native to North America. Native Americans used it as medicine against different diseases and injuries. Currently, extract herb Echinacea is included in the composition of the drugs that increase immunity.



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Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is based largely on the effectiveness of analysis and research. Autoimmune disease characterized by production of autoantibodies in the case of rheumatoid arthritis is reumatoidalny factor (RF) and antibodies against cyklicznemu cytrulinowanemu peptydowi (anti-CCP). The first of these occurs in 70-80% of people with RA, but may also be present in the blood of people from other rheumatic diseases, whereas anti-CCP is specific for rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, we can consider the level of indicators of inflammation (ESR and CRP), the General analysis of blood and evaluation of the actions of organs (mainly liver and kidneys). These studies allow to determine the activity of the disease, to choose a reliable treatment and to evaluate its effectiveness. The study of medical imaging performs x-rays and sometimes magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound or computed tomography. They show inflammatory changes in the joints such as swelling, change osteoporotyczne joints or distortion.

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Diagnosis of RA is based on identifying the pain and swelling (inflammation of the joints, their location and type of affected joints, duration of arthritis and high laboratory parameters of disease activity such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and acute phase proteins (CRP) and the presence of autoantibodies found in this disease, such as reumatoidalny Factor (RF) and antibodies przeciwcytrulinowe (anti-CCP, anti-attended students). All of these parameters in the new diagnostic criteria for RA, the General-the European League of rheumatic diseases (EULAR) and the American Association Reumatologicznego (KLA) in 2010.

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The diagnosis now includes a thorough neurological examination,Nivelisan where to buy which shows which part of the nervous system was attacked. Not in all cases,Nivelisan where to buy you must perform a lumbar puncture, which still needlessly afraid patients the progress of technology is so great that complications are very rare and insignificant. You should, after performing magnetic resonance imaging of the head, and depending on at what point the neurologist suspects a change and the corresponding portion of the spine. MRI better shows the changes in the nervous system, even those who do not give symptoms. Also seen the bottom and performs additional tests such as evoked potentials study.

The diagnosis after examination at lactulozę(fermentation of carbohydrates), and then measuring hydrogen or methane. If hydrogen >= 20 mg, etc., Or there is a growth or methane 12P >= 3 mg constipation, or >=12pp this test is positive.

Diagnosis of reactive arthritis can be complicated by the fact that symptoms often occurs every few weeks. The doctor may diagnose reactive arthritis, how arthritis occurs, the patient, together with or soon after the inflammation of the eyes and digestive bubble and lasts for a month or longer.

The diagnosis of viral arthritis put after a thorough history and evaluation of symptoms. The doctor should take into account the presence of other diseases, viral infections and diseases, damage of joints, as well as the fact of drug use.

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Diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms and the results of special investigations – echo,Nivelisan pharmacy EKG, x-rays,Nivelisan pharmacy gastroenterologicznych or optical. A huge role in the diagnosis of syndrome Syndrome Ehlers-Danlos genetic research that can not only accurately determine the disease, but also to determine its type. A patient with a suspected syndrome Ehlers-Danlos should contact the genetic clinic, which will be informed about what the disease and how it inherits. This knowledge is very important because it allows conscious family planning.

Factor Diagnozując reumatoidalny should be aware of the presence of a relatively large number of results at a high level, which is not confirmed in diagnosis reumatoidalnej disease. The likelihood of high levels of rheumatoid factor increased in the elderly. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the results of the study of the Russian Federation together with the results of other studies, ESR, CRP, clinical course of the disease in the patient.

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