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The most common cause of excess hormone androgen of ovarian origin (polycystic ovarian Syndrome, ovarian tumors wirylizujący) or nadnerczowego (Cushing’s syndrome, Cushing’s disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, nieklasyczny hyperplasia of the adrenal glands), in addition, frequent causes of diseases of the thyroid gland, and hypofunction and hyperfunction of this gland, especially on the surface of autoimmune origin. Hello, I recommend the professionalism and attitude of the doctor. I wanted to introduce hyaluronic acid into the wrinkles on the neck – the so-called mesotherapy. After the first treatment, the revelation, believed to be decreased significantly. The doctor is not in a hurry,talking with the patient. I have an appointment in 2 weeks forever.

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Excellent to deal with baldness the decoction of nettle in combination with the mother-and-stepmother,Application Locerin , which is used for rinsing the head. To do this, three tablespoons herb pour a liter of boiling water for an hour. It is then filtered. Before wash hair, must be washed with tar soap or egg yolk.

Alopecia may also occur when naświetlniach radiation of the disk (i.e., x-ray and gamma). In the exposure used for therapeutic purposes (radiotherapy, mainly cancer) ,Application Locerin but they can also be accidental, for example, because of an accident of a radioactive device. Alopecia after the exposure has the nature of baldness dystroficznego (anagenowego),Application Locerin, i.e., the hair falls out within a few days from exposure, but after about 6 months.Locerin lekarzy

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The exact cause of the diseases of the skin called liszajem the apartment is not known. Patients are a common feature of autoimmune reaction, most often with other autoimmune diseases. Lichen planus can affect people at any age, but most patients aged 30-60 years.


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123zdrowie is a website dedicated to a broad definition of health. Here you will find the content poradnikowym of nature and scientific research. The editors keep that advice posted on the site can not replace a visit to the doctor and are subjective.

Not true. You can’t compare hair to plants that czAsami need crop to grow better. click here to investigate hair follicles, especially in its part, called the Matrix, all the while proliferating cells. The old is pushed out and die, creating a nucleus devoid of life. She was cut, not strengthen hair. Another thing is that short hair requires less procedures, less cleaning, which can to weaken them.

One of the easiest ways that can strengthen your hair, massage the head. A scalp massage improves circulation and nutrition of hair follicles. The procedure does not require any equipment and chemicals. Quite a few times a day to massage your head with your fingers, after approx. 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this method depends to a large extent on the individual abilities, and not everything needs to be checked. How will in your case? Check it out! It’s actually good.

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In addition, the androgenetic alopecia in women in menopause , during pregnancy and also after removal of the ovaries. Interestingly, the problem of excessive hair loss can result and the use of some birth control pills. Part of tablets for active androgenową. Some women have androgenic alopecia, but the genetic link. These women are not observed elevated levels of androgens, their concentration usually is normal. The problem of increased sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens that are normally present in the body.

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To create a level of hormones, the study, detailed interviews and trychoskopię possible to solve the case. Distance will not help. I should have all the data. You need to run : TSH, ft3, FT4, anti-TPO, anti-TG, thyroid ultrasound, androstendion, prolaktyne, DHEAS, free testosterone.

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Feeling high stress can also be the cause of baldness. Appears about three months after the events that led to the emergence of stress. Its duration is usually 3 months longer than the time for elimination of factors causing stress. In the case of most people, this kind of as temporary and reversible. Unfortunately, people who have a genetic tendency to baldness androgens, can not rely on re-growth.

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Time of year – every season weakens the hair in a certain way – summer,#801 price# to put them in an excessive amount of sunlight leads to their dryness and sagging. In winter, less light, so the hair does not have enough vitamin D,#801 price# which also weakens them. In spring and autumn, in the offseason,#801 price# in which they feel changes hair temperature, which is a bit “unreliable”.


Studies in vivo scientific research center dr Irena Eris after 6 weeks of use. High efficiency pharmaceris h guarantee at the stage of obtaining a patent technology penetration natural growth factor FGF deep in the hair follicles. Due to the fact that the components work at the cellular level, activates the genes responsible for the process of building new hair.

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Really deserves attention therapy hair loss,Locerin how it works so you need to constantly strengthen the hair, both on the roadLocerin how it works stimulate hair growth and inhibition of hair loss. go to the website the answer to the question “what for hair growth” or “what on hair loss”, thus,Locerin how it works is a cure for hair loss is by mouth, carefully skomponowanym composition.


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in Gdansk doctor Szlązak did his doctorate in the area of baldness and is a specialist in Dermica. In private. Then they sent me to the doctor Iwanowskiego Mickiewicz in the hospital, who collaborated with him. Now I go to him because in private to pay 120 rubles for the preparation of recipe does not make sense. But maybe we should have Szlązaka to do all the research and diagnosis to determine treatment. Though, perhaps, Ivanovo we will do the same, I don’t know.

Seborrheic alopecia in women – this applies to both men and women, children and adults. Associated with excessive sebum production, very often it is connected with greasy dandruff where the scalp and strong yellow, thick scales. Along with their odrywaniem from falling off the skin, and the hair stick together in one scale. The most common cause of seborrhea and greasy dandruff is a fungal infection.

High Androstendion. I think this is the cause. Except that you have your period every 2 months, which should give doctors to think. The doctor also needs to find the cause of hormonal imbalance ( the most common cause is thyroid dysfunction, its worth watching and periodically make analysis TTG).

In order for the treatment of baldness trunks, you need to find the cause of the symptoms. Hair loss in women has many reasons, therefore, often requires many trials and tests. Primarily conducted blood tests to detect iron deficiency, zinc and irregularities in the level of thyroid hormones.

In the treatment of this type of hair loss plays a big role in the diet. Suffering from alopecia areata, you should restrict the amount of food that contribute to zapaleniom: saturated fats, dairy and other animal products and products wysokoprzetworzone. Instead, you should eat more bread, cereals and unsaturated fatty acids, the products are less processed, such as olive oil, evening primrose oil, avocado, nuts. In other words, instead of the production of proinflammatory, antyzapalne.

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